Monday, September 27, 2010

Catch up

Hi all!

Good grief! I haven't blogged in ages it seems, so much to catch everyone up on!

Biggest news.... I quit my job! (Nurse Recruiting) Let me tell you, I am a completely different person for it too (a happier one). I decided to come back to my very first job working for ECRM that I loved so much!

So far I have been to Chicago (where my husband met me after the show and we spent 4 days with Uncle Greg and had an amazing time. Plus the air show was going on and we both LOVE those!

Then I was in Atlanta for one of our biggest shows of the year, School and Office Supplies!
It has been so great catching up with old colleagues and meeting new friends. ECRM always seems to have the greatest people working for them. I've missed this family :)

Now, today, I am in LAS VEGAS!!!!! We have three shows going on here at one time, CRAZY, but I am working the Snack and Beverage show. This is my first time in Vegas, and so far it has been nothing less than amazing!!!

I promise to keep this updated as often as possible!
Sorry for staying away for so long!

Until next time . . . .

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