Sunday, February 14, 2010

The day of LOVE

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

The Princeton definition of love is: a strong positive emotion of regard and recognition.

So, I want to recognize a company, that I believe deserves a little extra attention for their mission...
This year for Valentines Day, instead of buying each other gifts, we both purchased something we've been eyeing for awhile, something that gives back to others. For those of you that know Adam and I very well, you know we both need another pair of shoes, like we need a hole in the head. HOWEVER, Adam and I heard about a shoe company last summer, called Toms Shoes, when we saw this commercial for the shoes, we knew we had to have a pair.

The TOMS SHOES company, long story short, gives a pair of shoes to a child in need every time a pair is purchased. Their movement warms my heart and I hope it does yours too.

We each bought a pair last week, so 2 pairs of shoes were given to children who need them. We also each bought a TOMS shirt, that says "Drop TOMS not BOMBS". Each of those also qualified for a pair of shoes to a child as well. So total, we sent 4 pairs of shoes to children in a developing country.

Our packages arrives on Thursday! We can't wait!!!!

While you spend time with the one you love today, think of those need a little bit of your love!

until next time . . . keep your eye on the prize . . . .

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