Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spreading my blogging wings

This posting is dedicated to introducing my blog and reasoning behind it.....

I decided to start a blog after my brother and sister started one. I love keeping up with them, and hearing about all of their random thoughts, which leads me to the purpose of this blog.
I am using this blog to document my life and be able to share my thoughts and experiences with family and friends. I come across things in life that I believe are worth sharing, whether it be something I've had weighing on my mind or a big event in my life or even plugging a company or item i've found that i believe is worth giving some extra attention to (an example of this will be posted this weekend)

The reason behind the name of this blog.....

I have struggled, literally, for months over a blog name and reason behind a blog. My brother, Tanner, has been helping me with the name of this blog since December when I got the urge to start this. I wanted the blog to intertwine my life, my love for life, my passion for fashion, my life as a newlywed and the random rolodex of ideas that pass through my brain.
Here were some blog title ideas...
"The Threads of My Life" (already taken, this one was my favorite!!! and actually the girl that took this name hasn't even made one post on her blog as of yet.
"Smiling...One Size FIts All"
"Words Are The Dress of My Thoughts"
"Carpe Denim" (another favorite,that I am actually leaving WIDE OPEN for one of my girlfriends Kim, who is a fashion buyer for Macy's,.... she has my dream job)

I also turned to the help of my husband, who had no feedback for me what so ever. What he did contribute, however, was my new Canon Rebel, that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! This gift was a total surprise at Christmas. I have wanted a really nice camera for a long time, and have wanted to enroll in photography classes. Adam (my husband, commonly referred to as "Hubbs") said, if i was going to start a blog, I need a good camera to document with! He's the best!

So, with now incorporating my life, passions, and my new camera, I have lead myself to a title for this blog called: "Through My Eye's Lens" sort of a before and after pun phrase.
well, that's all for now...
until next time...... ENJOY!

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