Tuesday, June 15, 2010

(She's not) "Jesse's Girl"

BUMMER!!!! I can't beleive Jesse got kicked off, i thought Jesse and Ali had amazing cemistry, I guess off camera, not so much.
Finally weatherman isn't getting strung along anymore, although he was great entertainment. Kasey, looks like your the new one to "watch" and laugh at :)

Ok so last night Ali and the guys were in NYC! (my 4th favorite city in this country)

The first scene in NY is Ali at Instyle magazine! One of my all time favorite magazines! There is a blue dress they had her put on that I am literally obcessed with. I can't wait for her issue to come out on Friday! I need to see where to get that dress. (picture below)

Okay, so the first single date with Kasey . . . HAHA, once again I was on the floor dying of laughter. This guy is a mess. He sang to Ali three times this date, and she looked extremely uncomfortable! She actually ends up not giving him a rose at the end of the date (which typically sends that person home) but she says she wants him to stay and start being himself and not being overbearing and saying fake sweet stuff. His main line to her is always "I'm here to guard and protect your heart" I think he's said that 100 times to her this season. YACK!
That night Kasey ends up missing for about 10 hours, he comes back to the house and has a bandage around his wrist saying he got burned. (the guys still have no clue until the rose ceremony that he actually went and got a tatoo.)
Oh yes my friends a tatoo of a shield protecting a heart and a rose, on his wrist and its huge.
Ali, up to now, still doens't know about it. She ends up giving him a rose at the ceremony. UGH!

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