Monday, June 14, 2010

"Ali . . . that girl."

I don't know why I didn't think about blogging about this subject earlier, but I am from here on out. I'm going to blog after each episode of The Bachelorette.
For those of you who are new to the Bachelorette, you might just call her "that girl on that show", but her name is Ali, and she's one of my favorites, next to Jillian.
I am 4 for 6 on picking the winner of the Bachelor/Bachelorette for the seasons I've watched. Actually make that 4.5 for 6, since I picked Molly for Jason. (he picked Melissa on the show, but after broke up with her on the follow up show and wanted Molly back)
Any who, I loved Ali from last season with Jake, when she left I stopped watching:)
while I feel she wasn't dealt a fair hand on the 25 guys at the beginning, she has a few great ones left.
My favorites are Chris L, Kirk and Jesse.

Here is my brief run down on who is left....

Chris L - aka number one: from Boston, mom just passed away, extremely mature, great body, laid back, seems romantic

Kirk - aka hometown boy: goes for what he wants, extremely cute, romantic, reminds me of my mid-west guy friends, also funny

Jesse- aka Cutie :extremely adorable, a little young, really sweet

Roberto - aka Latino lover : sweet, mature, romantic

Jonathan - aka weatherman : yes he got the name weatherman because that is what he does for a living, and yes he reminds us as the audience he is a weatherman, by using "the forecast calls for..." at least 5 times an episode. he cries over everything, lets everyone pick on him, and is a total dork. he wonders why he's never kissed a girl before

Frank - aka: the chicagoian: the one thing i love about frank is he goes after his passion in life. he quit a huge advertising job in chicago to persue a dream of writing. He's goofy, sort of cute but lives with his parents

Craig- aka the nobody: I'm not calling him that to be mean, but i've literally never seen him stand out and certainly know nothing about him. Hope he goes home tonight.

Justin- aka: the wrestler: a little crazy for ali, a little too crazy for my liking. he's a pro wrestler for a career, and unfortunalty told the whole house about it the first night, now they all feel like he is there for the wrong reason. He came with a broken foot an has been at serious disadvantage because of it.

Kasey aka: Justin Timberlake: HAHAHA now that is a joke. I call him JT because everytime he has a moment with her, he breaks out in a song that he makes up off the top of his head. He has ali feeling totally uncomfortable and leaves me on the floor dying of laughter.

Ty: aka: the divorcee: i know i shouldn't judge, i just dont want to see ali with a guy who has already been married.

There's another Chris on the show, but again, sort of a nobody, i dont know i single thing about him.

my guess is he and craig go home to night... please oh please...

i hope kasey and weatherman stay around just for entertainment.

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