Monday, June 14, 2010

The Knot - featuring: US!!!!!

Hi again!
My commitment to you and myself is to post a blog 2 times a week, so far I am doing great!
As some of you know, after Adam and I got married in November, our photographers secretly submitted us for a "Just Married" feature in "The Knot" magazine. I received an e-mail from Charles (one of our photographers) that at the top had "you have been CC'd on this e-mail" (for those of you who aren't computer savvy that mean carbon copied)
the e-mail read this: (this is an e-mail from Charles to Megan at The Knot)
"Hi Megan,
Adam and Brittany are going to be absolutely thrilled! We can't wait to share the exciting news with them"

At this point I am extremely confused. I read down further through e-mails between Charles/Meg and Megan and I see they have submitted us and a few other weddings for the " Just Married" feature in "The Knot". I immediately get a huge smile on my face and jump on the phone to share the news with Adam!

One of The Knot coordinators immediately e-mails me with pages of questions. Adam and I sit down the following week and spend hours explaining details and answering questions.
We are told that we will appear in the Sping/Summer edition on 2011.

Present day 6/10/10 : Kara calls me to let me know I have recieved a package in the mail that is quite heavy, from a publishing company. I tell her I have no clue what it is, and tell her to open it. Inside in 3 copies of the Fall/Winter edition of The Knot, and sure enough we are in it!!! Surprise, we are a season early.
The magazine will hit stand this week or next and will be there until mid-August.
Here are a few pictures Kara sent me from her iPhone!

here is the cover, so you know which one it is in:

This edition is the "Florida" edition, so if you dont live in Florida and want a copy e-mail me and I will get you one!
Until next time . . .

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